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What is a real estate buyer’s agent?

Buyer’s agents represent and act for the buyer. (As opposed to typical Australian & New Zealand real estate selling agents, who represent and act for the seller). A buyer’s agent does the real estate buying work for you, saving you money when you are in the market for a property. They usually have industry contacts and can make the property searching process a lot more pleasant and financially viable, while ensuring you only buy quality property. Among other things, they will search for suitable properties, research the neighbourhood, negotiate on your behalf with the seller or selling agent, bid at auctions and help you with paperwork. A competent professional buyer’s agent specialist who has past experience as a real estate selling agent is in the best position to represent you, as they know the view and trade secrets from both sides of any negotiation or transaction.


Are they worth the money?

Everyone who has used a competent professional buyer’s agent would say ‘yes’. They save you what they cost and more because of their ability to negotiate lower prices, their advice on what to pay for property, their industry contacts and the time you save by not having to look at unsuitable property. Most importantly though, they ensure you are aware of what combination of property type, pricing and suburb has the best capital gain over the period of ownership, that is possibly your biggest, easiest and safest area of financial gain.