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Why Use Habitat?

  • Professional negotiators – Over two decades tuned to weekly sometimes daily real estate negotiations.
  • Save your time – we can research and view more properties per week, giving you only a suitable qualified shortlist.
  • Save your money – we know the market and what is a good price.
  • Access ‘silent listings’ – properties that aren’t put up to the general public.
  • Maximise your investment returns – we know the best places to buy for maximum returns.
  • Avoid dealing with real estate selling agents – we are independent and represent only our buyers.
  • Avoid bidding games at auctions – our two decades of experience increases your chances of winning at auctions.
  • Access all the professionals you need from start to finish – we have good relationships with solicitors, mortgage brokers, building inspectors, tax accountants and other professionals that you need for completion and follow-up of your property purchase.
  • For overseas & interstate clients – local, on-the-ground representation saves you time, money and energy. You can fly in to view only suitable properties, or even buy sight unseen with the knowledge that a professional with over 23 years of experience negotiating and giving great advice, has bought something that he would buy for himself.
  • Access to industry contacts, professional advice, feedback and strategic planning - tailored to your situation
  • Links to buyer’s agencies in capital cities of Australia – we can help you buy property around the country.